Wazifa for love marriage in 3 days

Wazifa for love marriage in 3 days ,” is a wazifa for love marriage who don’t have much time and cant do long amals or wazifa. This is only a 3 days wazifa, but if you do it with full trust then it will work like a bullet. This is very important to note that this wazifa can only be done by 1 person alone or 3 persons can do it. 2 persons or more then 3 persons not allowed. If one person recite it will take around 5 hours. Looks likes a long wazifa, Yes its a long wazifa but you have Wazifa for love marriage in 3 days to do it only for 3 days. And if you have your friends, relatives, or brother sister then they can do it with you, If 3 person will do it. It will take only 3 house. Now come to the procedure.

Better start it on Wednesday night, night which comes after Wednesday day. Do fresh wadu (Ablution) , then sit at a neat and clean place, and recite 21 times darood ibrahimi, if 3 persons reciting then each one will recite 21 times, then recite “Ya Qayumu” , 21000 times, if 3 persons are reciting then they Wazifa for Marriage in 3 days all recite total of 21000 times. Then again 21 times darood ibrahim, then one person will pray for this marriage problem and other 2 persons will only raise hands. after dua again recite 21 times darrod Ibrahimi. DO same process 3 days.

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Urdu Wazifa for Marriage in 3 days

Wazifa for Marriage in 3 days un logon k liye hai jo zada lambi aur mushkil wazaif nahi kerpatey. Ye sirf 3 din ka amal hai, thora bara hai lakinn mujarib hai. Bs ye khiyal rahey k isey ya tu 1 shakhas karey ga ya 3 shakhs. 2 nahi kersaktey aur 3 sey zda log nahi kersakte. Ager isey 1 shakhs karey ga tu taqriban 5 ghantey lagen gey. aur Ager 3 log kren gey tu 2 ghantey men hojaye ga. Is wazifey ko jumeyrat Wazifa for Marriage in 3 days  ki raat sey shoro kerna hai, Budh ka din guzar ker jo raat aye us raat.
Taza wazu ker k paak saaf jaga per beythen. 21 bar darood ibrahimi parhen, ager 3 log phr rahey han tu her ek 21 bar darood parhey ga. Phir 21000 bar “Ya Qayumu” parhen, ager 3 log ker rahey han, tu 3no mil ker 21000 pora karen gaye, phir 21 bar darood parhen. Phir ek shakhs dua karey ga baqi log haath uthey rakhen gey. Dua k baad phir 21 bar darood ibrahimi parhen. asey 3 din kerna hai.